PodcasT Trailers

The #1 way to grow your audience


In just 75 seconds, a Podcast Trailer can turn someone who has never listened to any podcast into  someone who can’t wait to listen to your podcast.

  Face it, asking someone who has never heard of you to “Check Out”  or, even worse, to “Subscribe, Rate and Review” your hour long podcast  is asking a lot. 

Research has shown that accepting an invitation to experience a quick sample of a show is an EASY thing to do.

A trailer showcases what makes your podcast great and generates excitement making them ready and willing to listen to the full episode. 

New Season Teaser

You have worked for weeks, months even putting together a series of episodes with style, substance, and flow. Let your audience know they are on the way and give them a taste o0f what to expect. We can do an interview-style, highlight key moments or build intrigue and suspense. Customized to meet your needs. You created the masterpiece, let us help you sell it!

Your Very Best Moments

You have been at this for a while and there have been some great moments on your show. Lets us cut them together and sell the sizzle. This package has three ready to distribute trailers. We do the scripting, editing voice-over and polish – It’s a great way to give your social network a taste of what you have to offer.


Every Episode

When every episode is a special episode, this is what you need. send the teaser over your feed in between shows, push it out on social, keep your show top of mind. We will work with you to design a format that fits YOUR style. We will make it EASY for you to grow your numbers with every new release. Pricing will depend on the frequency of episodes –  CALL US!


Let's Talk About Your Trailer

Podcast Trailer Examples

Here area few examples of our recent work. We  can start from scratch or with your script, or just a rough outline. 

An Awesome Audio Sample

by PodXtra

Another Great Example Goes here

by Artist Name

Here We Go!

Here We Go!

This is a big day for the IPA! While we have been speaking 1 on 1 with the service providers and partners that will be a crucial part of what the IPA will become today is the day we are going public with the concept. So, welcome, one and all to the Independent Podcast...

Why the IPA?

Podcasting has gone through the early stage hype and excitement and failed attempts to create netowrks and profitable shows and without getting deep into it.... it's finally, really, really HOT.   So the big money and bi9g media players are all over it. What...